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Elective Survey & Descriptions

Current 6th & 7th Graders


Choose your electives for next year by visiting this link: 2018-19 Elective Survey


Granada Middle School Electives: What You Need To Know



Our 6th graders have the opportunity to participate in one of two paths.  Students either choose to join our award winning Concert Band or Orchestra in our Music Department or participate in our quarter-long wheel of electives which include Technology, Art, STEM, and Speech.




Students have the opportunity to survey a variety of topics in the semester-long wheel of electives. They will explore two of the following during the school year: Art, Spanish, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), or Technology, with the goal of expanding their knowledge in these areas and sparking interest. Students applying for any of the 4 “wheel” electives need only to complete the online survey and do not need to fill out an additional application.



In the art room, students create hands on projects that are tied to an artist (for ex. Keith Haring) or art movement (for ex. pop art) while at the same time exploring a different media with each project. The different media include: pencil, colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolors, three-dimensional sculptures, tempera paint, metal embossing, collage, soft pastels, printmaking, scratchboard and mixed media. The semester-long art curriculum is new every year so that returning students are exposed to new artists and medias. To see what we are up to check us out on facebook.com/ mrswillesartroom and on our classroom website, http://mrswillesartroom.blogspot.com/. Students may also apply to be a part of the Advanced Art year-long elective course which takes the visual arts a step further!



Students in this course will explore the foundations of robotics.  They will be tasked with building and programming our VEX IQ robots to accomplish specific tasks.



This semester-long beginning Spanish elective course aims to expose students to the beautiful Spanish language and Latin culture. Taking a fun and interactive approach where students drive the learning enables students to practice the language within the comforts of their own classroom. This course focuses on the basics of the Spanish language stemming from the essential elements of language acquisition: 1) Vocabulary, 2) Exposure, 3) Repetition, and 3) Practice. Students will not only learn the basics of vocabulary using interactive experiences and a variety of educational tools (especially catchy songs and video clips), but they will also be exposed to the vast array of cultures and traditions set forth by different Spanish-speaking countries from around the world! Students who apply should be committed to overcoming the challenges of learning a new language. Students who already speak basic Spanish should not take this course.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

The goal of STEM is to foster a learning environment in which students are guided to produce original ideas, objects, and structures according to certain specifications using concepts and skills from math, science, and technology. Students who are show an interest in science, technology, engineering, or math would want to have this elective!



Technology is a semester-long elective in which students learn valuable 21st century skills through computer programming, aka coding. Utilizing resources from Code.org, Scratch, Khan Academy, or other various digital curriculums, students gain a solid foundation in computational thinking and programming logic. Students will begin using Blockly to create programs in animations, stories, and games and eventually move up to JavaScript by the end of their term. Students who are tech-savvy or looking to learn more about using computers would be interested in joining technology!



Year-long electives at Granada may require an additional application process. Please inquire in the office.


LD Tech

Language Development Technology (LD Tech) will increase proficiency of language acquisition for English learners in the area of oral language, listening, speaking, reading and writing as dictated by the ELD standards. ELD Tech was designed to provide additional support for success in the LA core classes, and additionally, to offer the students quality time focused on language acquisition via technology use.


Leadership Electives

Granada Middle School’s Student Leadership Team is made up of 4 integral parts: ASB (Student Council), INSPIRE Mentors Program, Video Production, and Yearbook Crew. Together, these 4 electives form the Student Leadership Team. Students on our Leadership Team are held in high esteem and are well-regarded by staff and students alike. They are expected to participate in events and activities that go above and beyond the general realm of the classroom. Leadership Service Hours require students to help on and around campus for 2 hours each month during Nutrition, Lunch, or before and after school on a regular basis. Students are expected to maintain at least a “C” average, with no D’s, F’s, N’s or U’s. Ambassadors, Peer Mentors, and Teacher/Office Aides are also considered additional leadership positions on our campus, though their roles are mainly utilized within the classroom.



Our Ambassadors Program allows students the opportunity to work with teachers and students from our neighboring school, Scott Avenue Elementary. Ambassadors report to Scott Avenue in the morning and remain there for the first period of the day. They work one-on-one with elementary school teachers and students to provide similar services as Granada’s teacher’s aides. Students who apply for this elective should enjoy working with younger kids and be willing to help as much as possible.


ASB (Student Council)

This elected student-led group on campus, made up of highly motivated student leaders who care about our school, represents the entire Associated Student Body and works to create a fun and interactive environment for all students as they attend middle school. The ASB Cabinet is responsible for putting together a variety of traditional school events and activities such as dress-up days, dances, spirit rallies, and theme weeks and play an integral role in approving and allocating funds collected by the student body and campus organizations through formal monthly meetings. Students learn how to manage projects from start to finish and are committed to turning ideas into reality! Students who apply for this elective should be natural-born leaders who are outgoing and enthusiastic, highly imaginative and creative, have a strong work ethic, demonstrate awesome school spirit, and just love being a Matador!


INSPIRE Mentors Program

The INSPIRE Mentors Program – Inspiring New Students with Purpose, Involvement, Responsibility, and Encouragement – is Granada’s version of high school “Link Crew”. It focuses on helping 6th graders transition into middle school as well as helping to bridge the gap between all grade levels through the introduction of such programs as the Kindness Matters Campaign, The Next InSTALLment Newsletter, #iCANHELP Delete Negativity on Social Media Program, and the DUDE. be nice Project. Students learn how to mentor our newest students on campus and work to plan meaningful events and activities that focus on kindness, wellness, and bettering our overall school culture and climate. It is a class for those who want to tackle the ‘bigger issues’ affecting our school, believe themselves to be truly positive role models, and want to make a difference during their years here at Granada Middle School. INSPIRE Mentors are highly regarded by their teachers and peers and exhibit true leadership – the kind that exists when no one is watching! Students who apply for this elective should be hard-working individuals who enjoy helping others and love making a difference on our campus.


Peer Mentor

Peer Mentor positions allow students the opportunity to help teachers and students with disabilities during the school day. Students who apply for this elective should be willing to work with all students and excited about making a difference in the lives of others!


Teacher/Office Aide

Teacher Aide positions allow students the opportunity to help teachers within the classroom. Most aides assist with general tasks such as checking homework, grading assignments, filing paperwork, etc. Office Aide positions are secured through the front office and allow for students to deliver passes, place mail into staff cubbies, sort and organize paperwork, and more. Students interested in becoming an aide must talk to the particular teacher s/he would want to be an aide for and obtain that teacher’s/administrator’s approval signature by the deadline. Students who apply for this elective should be responsible, trustworthy, and self-motivated.


Video Production

Granada Video Production creates a weekly Matador TV Show for our students. Matador TV showcases weekly happenings at Granada and important information. Students are introduced to the art of storytelling, journalism, and script-writing through the use of video media. Students learn the basics of filming regarding digital, audio, and video camera usage. Students also create their own graphic designs and backdrops utilizing their Google Drive. Students who apply for this elective should be responsible, creative, team players who love technology and are able to multitask. 



Yearbook is a year-long elective in which students produce the Granada Middle School yearbook. In this fun and rewarding class, students will learn skills in photography, copywriting and design. Students also gain valuable life skills that will benefit them in high school and college, all while creating the Yearbook and recording school memories and events. Students who apply for this elective should dependable, organized, creative and work well with others. Be a part of the team and come join Yearbook!


Visual & Performing Arts Electives

Granada’s extensive Visual & Performing Arts Program highlights the skills and talents our exceptional Matadors!


Advanced Art

Advanced Art allows students the opportunity to experience art all year long (see Art on other side for more information)! Students who apply for this elective should enjoy creating and learning about 2D and 3D art.


Band & Orchestra (Strings)

The Granada Middle School Band and Orchestra offers year-long instrumental music classes available to any 6th, 7th, and 8th grade student. Students with no prior musical training or students who are new to our music program can choose Beginning Band or Beginning Strings as their elective for next year. Students who have previous musical background need to complete an audition with Mr. Silva for Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, or Concert Orchestra, and will be enrolled in the appropriate class based on the results of the audition. Choosing band or orchestra allows you to make new friends, experience new things, and travel to put on stellar performances. Our program is very active throughout the school year. We perform a lot and we travel locally (to Knott's Berry Farm, for example), representing our school through the art of music-making. Students who apply for this elective should be ready to work hard to learn a new instrument and strive to be the best musician you can be! This is an elective that requires daily practice on your instrument, and at times, after school practice is needed. Most students in this program stay in the program throughout their three years at Granada Middle School.