Honors Courses

Honors Placement Process


We endeavor to offer an academic program at Granada that ensures that all of our students are challenged appropriately and prepared to meet the demands of high school.  Our Honors courses are one way in which we address the needs of our students.  These courses will follow a rigorous curriculum and our teachers will hold high expectations for students that have been placed in these classes.  You should expect a significant amount of homework on most evenings (a workload much higher than our non-honors classes).  Additionally, while our teachers will certainly be available after class time to answer questions, significant support outside of class time will be unavailable to our students taking honors level classes (ie: after-school tutoring classes).  Please note that students that fail to meet the expectations of the curriculum could be considered for removal from the class. 


The process for selecting students to participate in our Honors/Accelerated/Enriched classes is extensive.  We look at multiple pieces of information about our students to assist in ensuring that all of them are appropriately placed.  Specifically, we solicit recommendations from their previous teachers as well as evaluate performance on each student’s district common assessments, student SBAC scores, and performance on our placement test(s).  Exemplary performance on each of these measures is required for placement.


 Incoming 6th grade students (5th graders currently enrolled in our district):  no placement tests are necessary.  We will look at your 5th grade data to determine placement.   Due to the nature of the program, students not enrolled in the Accelerated 7th Grade Math course will not be considered for the Accelerated 8th Grade Math course. 


6th & 7th grade students currently enrolled in an Honors/Enriched/Accelerated class:   Students currently in one of our Honors/Accelerated/Enriched classes will continue enrollment in those classes as long as they are adequately meeting the course requirements (grade of B- or better).  Should a student not be adequately meeting the course requirements, earning a C, D or F at the end of the semester, may not be recommended for continued enrollment in an Honors/Accelerated/Enriched class.